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New album 'Ulysses' out now!

Out now via Bandcamp and all streaming services! Ulysses is a thirty-minute tour de force of Dan Miraldi doing what he does best, delivering his unbridled love of rock and roll to the people. We go on the road with the opening title track. He sings of chasing dreams with a rock band while relationships burn behind on the home front. It is a story juxtaposed by the simple domestic joy depicted later in the album with “You’re My Home.” We also get an update from the world that inspired his 2018 masterpiece, Alphabet City 2 AM, as he puts a fresh spin on internet-dating and NYC neighborhood hopping in “Internet Women.” Tunes like “Unfollow Me” and “Almost Sounds Sincere” drip with attitude but are also sonic love letters to the classic rock and power-pop music Miraldi adores. He knows how to pay homage while creating something that is truly his own. Overall, Ulysses is Miraldi at full power, tastefully balancing radio ready rockers with the reflective singer-songwriter. Oh yes, there’s also a Christmas song, but don’t worry, it’s a banger.

"Cavern Live & Acoustic" Available Now Via Bandcamp!

Recorded last summer at the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, Cavern Live & Acoustic captures the magic of Dan's high-energy acoustic show. The album is currently only available via Bandcamp. A physical CD version is available at concerts. 

New Holiday Single "Christmas (I Think I'm Gonna Be Sad)" Out Now!

“Christmas (I Think I’m Gonna Be Sad)” is the new holiday single from NYC-based rock singer-songwriter Dan Miraldi.  Miraldi unleashes his love power pop and melody on this new recording.  The tune features big guitars and infectious layered vocal harmonies. Lyrically, the song is for those people who may be struggling emotionally from a breakup or other type of loss, but still have to put up a front of joy during the holidays.  The blending of its lyrical message with the power of the rock and roll musical arrangement manages to meld fun and catharsis at the same time.