Collect the complete Dan Miraldi discography.  Click the titles to buy DM CDs (where available). If you cannot find CDs and would like a particular title, please email info at danmiraldi dot com.  Titles are also available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.  Dan and his team are also making Deluxe versions of certain releases that are available exclusively on his Bandcamp page.  

Full-length Albums:

Radio Friendly Darling (2022)
More Mood Music (2020)
Mood Music for Introverts (2020)
Alphabet City 2 AM (2018)
Chaos, Destruction & Dancing (2015)
Sugar & Adrenaline (2012)
Thirsty (2009)

Hundred Song Highway: Alternate Takes, Vol 1 (2023)
The Midnight Special (2023)
15 Minutes of Fury (2021)
Love Under Fire (2017)
Devil at Our Heels (2013)
The Freewheelin' Dan Miraldi (2013)
Rock N Roll Band! (2011)
Tease (2010)

Bandcamp Exclusive Deluxe Versions:

Radio Friendly Darling (2022 - Bonus Track Edition)
Sugar & Adrenaline (2022 - 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
Thirsty (2021 - Remixed and Remastered Deluxe Edition)
More Mood Music (2020 - Bonus Track Edition)
Love Under Fire (2020 - Protest Edition)