Fear Is A Powerful Drug


Well I heard an angel crying in the blackness of the morgue

She cried, “Oh God, he should have been much more.”

Though her wings were made of silk,

They were stained by bits of blood

She looked me in the eyes and said,

“Fear is a powerful drug.”

Fear is a powerful drug.


On a cold Kentucky morn

I saw a world being born

Not into the arms of heaven

But to an echo of an era before

A time of guns and steel

When good weakened and kneeled

Though in darkness, we must overcome

Fear is a powerful drug

Fear is a powerful drug


And I don’t want to hear an alternative fact

Can’t look away or turn my back

While crooks and conmen sweep it under the rug

Using fear as a product. Fear as a drug.


I saw millions of people unite to wave signs

In cities across the continents

An idea did align

It was not stay inside

Not to run and hide

Though fear is a powerful drug

It’s got nothing on love

Nothing on love


And we shall overcome

We shall overcome



Words & Music by Dan Miraldi (c) (p) 2017